Thursday, September 24, 2009

Church Ministries and Tea Drinking

I have taken up residence in a little home on a small cul-de-sac called Felicity Place. Ironically, Felicity was the name of one of my closest friends when my family lived here. This time around, though, it is associated with a Kiwi family, a mother and seven year old son, who have welcomed me into their lives and provided, among other things, a much appreciated electric kettle, able to boil water for belly-warming tea in minutes.

I've spent plenty of my life in this type of weather before, but, perhaps because of the sudden switch from California summer to New Zealand spring, I'm having a hard time shaking the cold from my bones, particularly my toes.

Elise and I said goodbye on Sunday night but will be seeing each other on Saturday morning, as we've agreed to be camp counselors for a week up in Whangarei. I believe the kids are seven to fourteen years old but don't know much else beyond that and our wake up call being at 5 A.M. every can pray for energy for that!

This was a last-minute opportunity that arose out of this camp still being in search of two girl counselors, so I'm glad to help. Most of the time, however, my energy will be focused in the North Shore area, helping with ministries such as Toddler Rock (a sing-along time for toddlers and their mums on Wednesday mornings at the church), Bible in Schools (a thirty minute Bible lesson taught once a week in public schools), Walking School Bus (walking kids home from primary school), and then getting to know the middle school/intermediate and high school/college age girls within the church.

As I get into these activities more, I will certainly elaborate on them (and bring out my camera at events, since it often ends up being the best storyteller). For now, if you're curious about pictures or emotions upon arrival in this new-but-old place, you can visit my other blog: One Hungry Soul.

I have had my lemon ginger tea and am ready to curl up under some heavy covers for the night, even though it's just after 9 P.M. Sometime soon my body clock will fully adjust, and then I'll miss the energy I've been feeling as I naturally wake up at 7 A.M.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Being Here: In the Old and the New.

I will never get Friday, September 18, 2009 back. I never got it at all, actually. It slipped around one side of the earth as my plane flew the other direction and landed me in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday the 19th. I left Los Angeles on Thursday the 17th.

So, here I sit in the living room of a family I already know is going to become very dear to me. The Marlars are missionaries from Texas who picked Elise and I up at the airport and have been doing their best to encourage us to stay awake throughout the day. We're doing quite well considering it's already 5:15 pm.

Much of today has simply felt surreal, revisiting One Tree Hill and the house in Glendowie we lived in for three years.

Conversation is continuing to bring about a clearer picture of what my daily life will look like here in Auckland and the ministries I will be working with at North Shore Church of Christ, and I am encouraged by the knowledge that I have three months ahead of me to learn from and build upon.

Please pray that I dive in deeply and confidently, with roots well planted.