Saturday, July 11, 2009

On Our Way

I cannot believe all that has happened since I wrote my last post, just nine days ago.

I bought my plane ticket on Tuesday morning, and throughout that day, I had the silliest secretive grin tugging at the corners of my mouth...of course I wasn't keeping it a secret, but I feel like the emotions attached to returning to New Zealand are so personal that the inability to communicate them does make it a bit of a secret between me and God, the only one who knows my heart fully.

Some of you may not know the semi-recent decision my sister made to go to New Zealand at the same time as me. Yes, we purchased our tickets together, and will be there for four months, tentatively, though my commitment to the church is only for three. While Elise may not necessarily be living in Auckland, I am very grateful to know she will be nearby. Our sisterhood has formed a strong friendship, and I will gladly take the consistent access to accountability and honesty from someone who knows me well.

We both received notification of the approval of our holiday work visa applications the night before we purchased our tickets, which means we are eligible to stay in NZ for twelve months. Even more importantly, though, it means that Elise is able to work while there, and right now she is still in the midst of searching out opportunities, so please pray for her in this...and speak up if you have any connections.

I would also like to find work and stay in the country beyond my internship, but I am taking my life in smaller steps right now. The internship is currently my main focus, and after it is over, God may very well be directing me to another location entirely. I trust that He'll reveal what's next in the timeline that I need to know it.

The way things are falling into place, I am sensing God's affirmation more strongly than I have in a long time, which is an amazing place to be, of course. And putting it down in writing will surely be a good reminder when the tough times come.

Since I am leaving Texas soon, please pray for me in these transitions to California and then Washington, that in the eventful times ahead, I would be intentional in practicing His presence and nurturing my love for those I have yet to meet in New Zealand.

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  1. I think it's a sign that we (who are in the middle of finalizing/making our plans, too) should be there in Dec./Jan. just so we can all be together! So, yes, both of you should stay longer! :)We are looking at being there for the New Year. Do you guys want to pencil us into your schedule and plan on playing with us? :)

    (Although all that is pending us getting tickets/miles etc.)


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