Thursday, July 2, 2009

What a Couple Hours Can Do

Around noon today I found myself having a not-so-unexpected conversation with my mom about the what-ifs of "this whole New Zealand thing". Realistically, even though I had already received $350, the financial needs I have can not be met by my own accord.

Well, about two hours after that phone call I received a statement report from the church handling my support that took my breath away...and then in one big gulp of air sent my heart racing a mile a minute. My current need stands at $850 (out of $4000)!

Last week I received a generous donation from someone I know simply through my other blog. The unexpectedness of it all seemed to be God's reassurance that He is capable of exceeding all that we ask or imagine, and, just perhaps, His blessing is strongly on this internship.

Today there is no backing out. I have more than enough money to buy my plane ticket, and must simply pray - and petition your prayers as well - that the rest come through, that I seek growth in humility and trust, and that I am sensitive to the voice of God as He guides me forward.

Thank you so much for your generosity.


  1. Very glad to know! So, when are you leaving, Lael?

  2. Shan: I'm leaving in the middle of September!

  3. My oh my! I want to see your dreams realized. So happy for you.


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