Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beyond My Bedroom Window

1000 gratitudes...

54. An uninterrupted night of sleep.
55. February Birds.
56. The homeyness of rain.
57. Black pepper gouda (to remind me of Stephen).
58. Promises of provision.
59. Being in a country that eats "pikelets".
60. Webcams (other people's, that is).
61. Radish season twice in one year!
62. This earth was never meant to be home anyway (grateful thought after seeing 2012).

1 comment:

  1. My sleeping walk in mercy with falling grace soaking you.

    Yes, you know Stephen's signature cheese.
    Oh how you awaken the memory of pikelets!
    I love your voice but how a webcam on your side would be so nice for us.

    You are more precious than the sparrow down here..then the best is yet to come up there!


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