Monday, November 30, 2009

Remember To Look Down Too

remember to look down too

1000 gratitudes...

143. Waking up to Good Mornings from loved ones across the ocean.
144. Generally good health (especially when I fixate on wanting clearer skin and a smaller butt).
145. Knowing I have Someone to trust with the unknown.
146. The excitement of approaching time with my sister and mum.
147. Lotion for dry hands.
148. Music for a restless soul.
149. An ocean out my window.
150. Seaside stepping stones.
151. A latte at a cloudy beach.
152. Calming waves.
153. The many places where my feet have sunk into sand.
154. Raindrops on bare skin.
155. The need to know we're not alone...and the relationships which that leads us to.


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