Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Redeemed and Treasured

discarded. waiting.

1000 gratitudes...

84. Late Tuesday (they still hit the spot).
85. Summer sun.
86. Dreams.
87. Little ones' hugs and smiles.
88. Summer weather for strolls with ice cream cones.
89. Humour that brightens moods and teases with love.
90. A turquoise, white-capped bay.
91. Windsurfers.
92. Seeing Auckland's skyline with grown eyes.
93. Always finding more bits of heart to give (and leave).
94. A bus ride on my own. Independence.
95. Fond holiday memories to remember as new ones are formed this season.
96. Girls' giggles.
97. The generous gift of this laptop, which does so many of the things I need it to (even if not all the things I want it to).

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Day to my very thankful girl! Your grateful heart glows.


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