Sunday, November 29, 2009

Clothes Lines: Still Well-Loved in New Zealand

prettier than a dryer too.

1000 gratitudes...

132. The closest thing to a sunrise I've witnessed in a long time (light at 5:45am).
133. Realizing something once found uncomfortable has grown familiar and cozy.
134. Morning tea time.
135. Fish and chips, friends, and Pinot Noir at a bay-side park on Sunday afternoon.
136. Catching up with States-side friends.
137. Happy songs to counter the depressing ones.
138. Intentional beauty-seeking time with a camera lens.
139. Walking back into a home I've known before.
140. Another walk down to Rothesay Bay with a certain Jack Russell Terrier.
141. Funny French films.
142. Quiet ending to the day with Sandra (and a bit of Derek).

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  1. I love the clothes pegs weren't so colorful back then. But I remember you jumping on the trampoline while I hung up or took down laundry. You delighted me with your conversation and questions.


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